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pureWash is your money saving, eco-friendly, energy efficient laundry method of today and the future! pureWash takes advantage of technology that's been in use with commercial laundry cleaning services, and brings that technology to your home. By using the powers of photo-catalytic and advanced oxidation in your wash water, pureWash can get your clothes cleaner while:

  • Only using cold water
  • Using little or NO detergent
  • Extending the life of your clothes by using significantly less soap
  • Saving electricity
  • Providing a maintenance free unit

Watch pureWash in Action

pureWash is strong enough to handle your toughest stain removals. Check out the picture below to see how pureWash was able to return an extremely dirty pair of white pants to their original brightness.

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The Many Benefits of pureWash

  1. Reduced energy cost to heat water (uses cold water only)
  2. Reduced chemical usage (detergent, bleach and fabric softener)
  3. Brighter whites and sharper colors due to no chemicals and no hot water
  4. No more sorting of your clothes due to the elimination of bleach and hot water that causes your colors to bleed (new clothes are the only ones to be careful of)
  5. You will experience softer and fluffier clothes as a result of no detergent residue
  6. Pure Wash Laundry : Miller & Sons Salt and Water Conditioning
  7. Fabric life is extended due to no harsh chemicals (zeolites in detergent) and no hot water
  8. No additional rinse cycle necessary to remove detergent
  9. Stop the stinky sour smell that occurs when you leave your laundry in the washing machine for a day. This happens from the residual detergent left in the clothes and bacteria begins to grow. Reduces the musty sour smell that occurs on some front load machines
  10. Ozone is a molecule with an extra atom of oxygen, instead of 02 it is 03
  11. The fresh clean smell after a thunderstorm is the result of nature produced ozone
  12. Ozone cleans clothes by breaking the molecular bonds (oxidation) that hold dirt and bacteria to your clothes
  13. Ozone oxidizes the soiled material into carbon dioxide and water
  14. Ozone is 3,000 times faster and 150 percent more effective then bleach at destroying bacteria
  15. Ozone kills bacteria by rupturing their cell walls, a process to which microorganisms cannot develop immunity
  16. Ozone is an effective deodorizer by breaking molecular bonds that hold odors to fabrics
  17. The half life of ozone is 15-20 minutes at 75 degrees
  18. Detergent skin sensitivities are reduced or eliminated
  19. Ozone disinfects and eradicates microorganisms found on soiled laundry
  20. Two super bugs MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and C. Diff. (Clostridium Difficile) are eradicated by ozone in cold water in 3-6 minutes
  21. Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in the U.K. did a study showing MRSA and C. Diff. were not always eliminated with traditional laundry systems (160 degrees @ 60 min.) and did a 6 month trial study using an ozone system. After 53 independent tests showing negative results for both bacterias, they permanently installed the ozone system in 2005
  22. There are 2,000 commercial ozone systems in the U.S. (hospitals, nursing homes, hotels)
  23. Commercial ozone technologies have been in use since the 1980's
  24. Decreases the discharge of chemicals in laundry waste water
  25. Americans buy 6 billion dollars of laundry detergent every year. This chemically loaded water, which amounts to 330 billion gallons is what is dumped into our environment every year
  26. Ozone waste water discharged to sewers and septic systems encourages the breakdown of organic matter
  27. Higher levels of dissolved oxygen into streams and lakes helps natural microorganisms. This is a green product that helps eliminate plastic detergent bottles in our land fills. Available for top load machines or front load machines 5 minute installation

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Why use pureWash?


There is little question that ozone laundering has a bright future. Not only does the use of ozone in water ensure the killing of microorganisms (including MRSA and C. Diff.) and other viruses within six minutes, but this remarkable result is attained at a considerable cost and time savings to the home owner. Additionally, discharging laundry waste waters to waste treatment plants or to rivers, lakes and streams actually provides environmental benefits to these receiving waters due to the increased oxygen content. It is a win - win, no matter what way you look at it!

Sold on the pureWash system? Then shop for it now!

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