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Testimonials for Miller & Sons

Over the years, Miller and Sons has helped many families improve the conditions of the water in their homes. Here's what a few pleased customers had to say:

I just wanted to let you know how much we love our new water softener that Miller & Sons installed recently. It's nice having soft water all the time now.
The service techs that installed the new unit were very courteous and professional. We could not have asked for a better install.
Thanks again for your help, take care.
Thank you so much to Mike - he was so helpful and kind. A job well done!
I will be recommending him to friends, etc. Thank you!
Thank you very much for the wonderful service. Larry went out of his way to assist us at my mothers house and it is greatly appreciated.
My pleasant experience with Millers & Sons began with the very first contact. Laura took my call about our water softener. I described the problem and the noise coming from the top of the softener. She patiently waited while I went into the basement to get the model number of the unit. We then proceeded to schedule the appointment for a convenient time that involved only a one hour window so it did not tie up an extended period of time.
One half hour before the appointment, Mike called to confirm his time of arrival. He showed up right on time. Amazingly, he was holding in his hand a replacement of the malfunctioning part. Based on his experience and my description, he had been able to identify the most probable cause of the problem. We went into the basement and indeed, the part did match. We then discussed additional alternatives with different softener systems so that I could make an informed decision. Mike then went on to replace the part which cost $130.00. During the repair, we noticed a slightly dripping faucet and he fixed that too. The entire service visit was completed in about one half hour with no other issues. There was no need to order parts or make additional visits.
Everyone at Millers & Sons was courteous, responsive and anticipated our needs. It was a clear demonstration of Miller & Sons’ ability to provide superior customer service and an overall satisfying experience.
Thank you for the excellent service. Shannon did a superb job! We were very pleased.
Dear Miller and Sons,
Thank you so much for the new water softening system. We noticed the results right away! The water tastes better, the dishes are coming out cleaner, even my glass and dish washer is running better. I'm a fan.
Now that everything is up and running, the head brewer from ABC asked me if you could have someone test the water for us so we can get an idea of what we are looking at when we brew.
Thanks again!

Dear Matt,
We wanted to let you know that we greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into correcting our water softener problem involving air in the lines. Miller & Sons is very lucky to have someone as conscientious as yourself as their employee and, I am sure, they certainly can see that they are benefiting from your great customer service. You are definitely an asset to their business (or any business) in that you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the customer's needs are properly met.
Please give a special thanks to your wife, as without our chance encounter and her insistence on mentioning the situation to you, the problem would not have been resolved. It is so nice to know that there are still people out there, such as you and your wife, that really do care and honestly treat you like family.

Good good morning! Used to the dishwasher doing half the job (& my having to redo the other half). But early in the summer when it gave up doing the regular half, we were sure it had died. Still hesitated to replace it without 1st doing the water conditioning route. May I tell you the dishwasher's working "better than new!" Everything comes out perfect (after 45 years of dealing with that) and I am one very, very happy lady. Many thanks!

I love my new water softener! The water tastes fantastic. I got soft, delicious water.

We love our new water softener! It’s so much more efficient then the last one. Our water feels great and looks crystal clear!! We love working with you guys, because you know how to take care of your customers!

The technician, Zach, was professional and right on time with the appointment time. The total time was quicker than estimated and he did a very clean and effective job. I was concerned about the location but once he explained and showed me how the system was set up it made sense and was convenient and cheaper to install than where I originally thought I wanted it. He then took the time to fully explain everything to me regarding the system as well as the changes to habits regarding the amounts of soaps and such to use in laundry or hair care, etc. It was a fantastic experience.

I wanted to pass on to you the level of service I received yesterday from Zach M and his assistant. First of all, he showed up in a very timely manner. He reviewed my problems with me prior to looking at anything. At that point, he showed me what my problem was and explained why. He told me the approximate time it would take to fully complete the service as well as estimated costs. He also went a step further to inform me of my upgrade options to a system that your company promotes (very impressive). At that point, he gave me the option of rescheduling or completing the task at that time.
He finished in the time he told me, reviewed the invoice with me in detail, then ended the call politely and professionally. Technicians who know what they are doing as well as provide professional and courteous service are rare and hard to come. It is a value that should be greatly respected and appreciated by any employer who possesses such talent.
Thank you for the great service! I will most definitely use your company for future service needs. If, at some point in the future I am ready to upgrade to a new system you will be the company I call.

Your staff was professional and prompt and thorough, Steve in sales and Mike the install tech were knowledgeable as they answered my questions. Mike's install was skilled to deliver a neat and clean finished product. I'm very pleased.

I was initially hesitant about purchasing a water softener. I didn't think I needed one even though my water had a hardness of 35. I thought I could live with spots on my dishes and scale buildup around my faucets. In the end my decision to have a unit installed came down to financials. I learned that hard water does more than leaves spots on your dishes it also destroys your water heater and dishwasher. I decided water softener was a better investment than replacing other appliances more often. One unexpected benefit is that my hair has become noticeably softer which the ladies seem to like. Miller & Sons installed my water softener and the technician was neat and courteous. After he was done installing the softener he explained how it worked and what I needed to do to keep it running. I would highly recommend Miller & Sons to anyone considering a water conditioning system. .